To create a fantastic finish of BARNLEK 2020, with dancing, singing and music from all of the Nordic countries, we need you – if you are a youth into dancing and/or playing and instrument. Together with professional musicians and dancers, you will create a firework of music and dances, for everyone to participate in, for the closing party on Saturday July 18.


Who are you? a youth, 13-16 years old, who attends BARNLEK 2020 and have signed-up for the project “Tillsammans i Norden” (“Together in the North”).
If you choose to play, you should have played your instrument for some years, and be able to play by yourself. The leader will play violin, and all the teaching will be made by the ear.

When? 2 classes/day on Thursday and Friday, and general rehearsal and closing ceremony on Saturday. You are expected to participate on all these occasions (see program)

Where? BARNLEK 2020 at Mölnlycke

Where to sign-up? in the sign-up for for BARNLEK 2020 (

Cost: Included in the participation fee for BARNLEK 2020

Questions? E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Leader music:   Leader dance

Jenny Elisabeth Gustafsson was born and raised in Gingri, outside Borås. She is a “riksspelman” (title of honor) on music from Västergötland and has for several years been teaching at the youth courses ”Sjövikskursen” and ”Västra låtverkstan”.

In addition to teaching at courses, Jenny tours with various groups, and is the leader behind Ornungastämman.



Carin Muren is from Göteborg and was very active in her younger years in the folkdance group Näverluren. She has studied folk singing, folk dancing and violin playing at Malungs folkhögskola, Manger folkehøyskule, Musikhögskolan Ingesund and Ole Bull Akademiet. At present, she lives in Oslo, and works as a voice coach, and violing teacher, and sings in the vocal quartet Tre sneller og et hespetre.